Shop with the Doc: Bone Broth

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It is time to listen to Grandma. Who knew her homemade chicken soup was packed with nutrients.

"Going to grandma's on a fall, wintry day and she brought out the soup," said Dr. Pete Sulack, America's Leading Stress Expert. "That was one of the best things that she could ever do for you."

To you and me, it's chicken soup. It has another name. It's also called bone broth.

"We're gonna glean all the good nutrients from the bone marrow and all the good qualities that come from bones," said Dr. Pete.

It's a pretty simple combination -- water, meat, and bones.

He has a rule of thumb -- ditch the store-bought broth.

"The homemade version is the most nutritious compared to some of the stocks you get at the grocery store," said Dr. Pete.

He said if you can boil water, you can make bone broth.

"It's as easy as taking all the bones and putting it in a pot, boiling the water, adding all your ingredients and sitting it on the stove," said Dr. Pete.

Dr. Pete suggested buying grassfed beef at Mother Earth's Meats. It is less than four dollars a pound.

"We all know about those expensive supplements like glucosamine that's great for your joints," said Dr. Pete. "Well you actually get a richer supply from bone broth and it's a whole lot cheaper."

Dr. Pete told Local 8 News it is going to strengthen your joints. It is rich in glycine, which helps your digestive system. He added it will build up your immune system and it can even help you age gracefully.

"Bone broth is rich in collagen which is necessary to prevent those winkles and that saggy skin as you get older in life," said Dr. Pete.

Dr. Pete isn't the only one using it.

Bob Sowell stopped by Mother Earth and wiped them clean of their grassfed beef. He has a cup of bone broth a day.

"Digestive system is a lot better," said Bob Sowell. "You don't have that bloating feeling after you eat and you have more energy."

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