Witness: Plane avoided Wartburg traffic during crash landing

Published: Apr. 14, 2016 at 3:53 PM EDT
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Dispatchers confirmed that a single engine plane crashed in Wartburg at about 3:30 Thursday afternoon off Watertank Hill Road.

Officials confirm there was at least one person on the plane. Dispatchers tell Local 8 News the pilot was standing outside the plane when crews arrived. Serious injuries were not reported.

Justin Emmons was driving a concrete truck when he watched the plane land on a stretch of road near the Sav-a-lot.

He tells Local 8 News the plane flew right over him, then tried to avoid oncoming traffic while attempting to land on the road. "I seen the bottom of the plane then I saw he landed it and started praying for him"

After landing, Emmons says the pilot clipped a pole with his wing and spun around several times before coming to a stop.

Emmons tells Local 8 News he was impressed with how the pilot landed the plane and says it looked like the pilot was taking great care to avoid hitting cars.