Social media comments skyrocket during debate

Published: Oct. 11, 2016 at 11:36 AM EDT
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The University of Tennessee's Political Social Media Group says social media exploded Sunday night as the presidential candidates hit the debate stage.

According to the group, there were 2 million more posts for that debate than the first. There were more than 180,000 posts containing the term "locker room" as the candidates talked about Donald Trump's recent video scandal.

Aside from that video scandal, the other biggest issues during the debate were Russia, energy and health care.

The Political Social Media Group will monitor the Oct. 19 debate as well. They will post real-time analysis on their social media platforms:

Twitter: @PSMRG_UTK

Facebook: The Political Social Media Research Group)

Instagram: @psmrg_utk

Medium: PSMRG

The Political Social Media Group is based in the School of Journalism and Electronic Media in UT’s College of Communication and Information.