South Knoxville neighborhood hoping more people will join their teddy bear hunt

(Source: MGN)

(WVLT) -- Governor Bill Lee announcing today schools will be closed until at least April. That means another month of finding things to keep kids busy. One neighborhood in south Knoxville is hoping to spread joy by sending kids on a hunt for teddy bears.

In the Woodhaven subdivision, 3rd graders Charlie and Violet Seaton are still perfect their teddy bear displays

“We want it to be perfect for everyone to see,” said Charlie.

They made a hand-painted sign so colorful you can see it from the road. Their mom Jessica says the neighborhood-wide challenge has given her kids something to do on study breaks.

One of her neighbors, Keely Kirby posted the idea to their neighborhood's Facebook page.

Staying home doesn’t mean you have to stay bored. Neighbors started the teddy bear challenge. People display their stuffed animals for kids to drive around and look at. It keeps everyone’s attention and limits contact with other people.

“As you're here and your time starts progressing your boredom starts to set in,” said Jessica.

The Seaton family says this has been a small way for them to brighten other people’s days while remaining 6 feet away.

“It gave us a project, which gave us a purpose,” said Jessica.

They’re hoping other neighborhoods will try it too. They can always use more bears for the bear hunt.

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