Springtime means the bugs are back in East Tennessee

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - You have probably already seen them in your house, apartment, or in your office at work. Spring is bug season here in East Tennessee, and local exterminators say, if you're really bothered by the fairly harmless creatures making their way into your territory inside, it's best to let professionals help you get them under control.

Will Bullard is a pest management professional with Dayton's Pest Control. He said this time of year, carpenter bees, wasps, termites and ants become prevalent as they make their way out of hiding to feed and nest.

"First thing and foremost, are swarming termites. They're starting to swarm out, so if you see flying ants, they could be actual swarming termites," Bullard said. "That's the number one thing, but also, carpenter bees are out. They're boring into the facial boards around the homes, also decking. If you see hovering bees or sawdust, call a pest management professional."

Sometimes, the "do it yourself" ways to rid your space of bugs just aren't strong enough to keep them away for good. In fact, they can make the problems worse.

If the bugs are getting into your house, they're most likely entering through window sills or cracks in the doors.

But there are a few things you can do to try to keep the pests manageable.

"You definitely don't want to over water. When you're irrigation starts to kick on, definitely don't over water your grass. The more water, the more insects. Keep all your shrubs and trees off the home, about six to eight inches is ideal. That way, it doesn't act as a highway for other insects to gain access into the home," Bullard said.

Another tip Bullard suggests is to limit your lights outside. That can help keep some of the flying pests, like wasps, away.