AT&T: Service restored for some in "parts of Tennessee" after outages

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- AT&T said service has been restored for customers in parts of Tennessee who were experiencing outages due to a fiber cut.

The Knox County 911 Center said the outage began Sunday night and remained an issue Monday morning.

Just before 1 pm. Monday, Knox County e911 Tweeted that the issue had been resolved for Knoxville.

Dispatchers said the outage is affecting Knox County. Calls to 911 are being received by ambulance dispatchers, but operators are able to connect callers to the correct line.

Kingston Police said in a Facebook post that Landline numbers beginning with 376, 717, and 316 are the only ones affected in Roane County.

These numbers will not be able to call 911 until the issue is resolved by AT&T.

Roane County officials said cellphones and other landline numbers will still be able to make 911 calls from the area. Anyone affected by the outage will need to used their cellphone to call 911.

Hamblen Co. 911 said that starting at 6:30 A.M. Monday morning they were not receiving any 911 calls. Hamblen Co. has also experienced issues with people not being able to reach 911 with a cell phone also. Hamblen Co. said that people can call 423-585-2701 if they can't get through to 911 in the Morristown and Hamblen Co. area.

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