Statues unveiled to honor Smokey, Tennessee's favorite mascot

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Statues to honor Tennessee's favorite dog are popping up all around UT's campus. The ten statues honor the ten bluetick coonhounds that have served as the University of Tennessee's campus.

The official reveal took place before the annual Orange and White Game Saturday, April 13, near the Pedestrian Bridge by the Student Union Plaza.

Visitors can see the statues at the UT Gardens, the Tennessee Recreation Center for Students (TRECS), the corner of Lake Loudoun Boulevard and Phillip Fulmer Way, Circle Park, Hodges Library, the courtyard between Strong Hall and Clement Hall, the Student Union Pedestrian Bridge, Gate 21 of Neyland Stadium, the Hill, and the Engineering Quad.

The idea came from Student Government Association members who wanted a statue designed and erected on campus to honor Smokey.

The fiberglass statues were designed by Chicago Fiberglass Works.