Staying cool with summer cooler tips

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- When you pack your cooler for a summer outing, what else can you do to add extra ways to keep your family cool?

In addition to typical ice packs, try freezing other items before packing in them in your cooler. You can freeze yogurt pops or similar items for nutritious individual snacks.

Gwendolyn with the blog Finding Sanity in Our Crazy Life says her family freezes water bottles before packing them in the cooler. Mark Packer on Local 8 News First at 4 says he likes to freeze bottles of orange juice. Melissa with the Blessed Simplicity blog creates a nutritious make-ahead wrap filling that stays cool because she's frozen it ahead of time.

You can place wet "cool towels" for each family member inside a plastic bag and carry those in the cooler.

Your cooler can keep your sunscreen cool so it feels soothing when you apply it, and your container of sunscreen doesn't break down in the summer heat.

Freezing ahead cubes of aloe vera juice can create a soothing and cooling treat for your skin, especially if you do get a sunburn.