Kidnapping avoided? 'Stranger danger' caught on camera

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Salt Lake City, Utah (CBS/WVLT) - Seven-year-old Emmy McCardell was sunbathing outside her house in Salt Lake City when a car pulled up. The driver offered a friendly greeting, then asked an enticing question that any little kid could fall for.

"Do you want a bicycle?" he asked.

But little Emmy knew just what do. She yelled, "No!" and ran into her home.

Emmy's mom Michelle knew something was wrong the second her daughter ran through the door. "She came running in and said, 'Hey. There's a tricky guy outside that tried to get me'," said Michelle. "I believe that he was looking for a child to take."

Michelle says she taught her kids from an early age about "stranger danger."

"I didn't want to go with him because he looked like a tricky man," noted Emmy. "I didn't know him, so I didn't want to go with him."

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