Knoxville students sell coffee for hurricane relief

Published: Oct. 26, 2018 at 5:56 PM EDT
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It's a simple fundraiser at L&N STEM Academy, catching parents in the carpool line with a basic need, coffee.

"Usually, they'll say 'yes I will' because usually you do start your day with coffee," student Lucy Drinnen said. "They are very willing to pay what they would pay for their normal cup of coffee."

For Lydia Smith, the campaign hits closer to home because she was vacationing in Destin, Florida just before Michael hit.

"I know, just for me, it ruined my vacation, but for some people it ruined their homes, their cars, stuff that was really valuable," Lydia said "I just lost some vacation time, but they lost a lot more."

That's why she and other students wanted to do something.

"I couldn't imagine having to leave my house and all of my friends just for a hurricane, and you come back and your house is damaged. Nothing's the same," Lucy said. "We really want to reach out and help those people within the community."

With every cup of coffee they served, that meant money for the Red Cross.

"Maybe our donation isn't going to be massive, but it's going to be enough to help a family, or a couple people and that's really important," Anna Horrocks said.

If you were not able to get a cup of coffee today, you can still help. The school is collecting the supplies listed below. All donations must be turned in by Monday.

First aid kit


Baby wipes

Toilet paper

Paper towels

Prepared, non-perishable food

Dried beans

Gatorade (Mix)*


Batteries and flashlights

Garbage bags – contractor grade

Peanut butter, tuna, etc.

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