Study: Millennials use astrology to deal with stress

The Prague Astronomical Clock / Source: Jay8085 / Wikipedia / CC BY 2.0
The Prague Astronomical Clock / Source: Jay8085 / Wikipedia / CC BY 2.0(WVLT)
Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 8:19 PM EST
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A new study claims millennials are turning to astrology to help them process life, WBTV


The study, published by the American Psychological Association, said millennials are among the most stressed Americans, and apps like Astrology Zone, AstroStyle and Co-Star are surging in popularity.

"Millennials self-report more stress and less certainty about their future than any generation before them," Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Jessica Pels said. "They're also less religious than any generation before them. So they are looking for guidance."

Astrology is more complex than just knowing whether you're a Gemini, Virgo or maybe a Capricorn.

“So sun sign horoscopes, the things you read in papers or online now, are not-- they’re, like, one crumb of astrology’s cake,” author and astrologer Chani Nicholas said.

Millennials also look into astrological birthcharts, which explain the position of all the planets at the moment of someone's birth.

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