Sheriff: Man carrying ax, drugs found in Tennessee judge's chambers

A man was arrested after being found inside a Tennessee courthouse with drugs and an ax. / Source: (Canva)

DOVER, Tenn. (WVLT) — Authorities in Tennessee say a man wielding an ax walked into a courthouse and made his way to a Dover judge's chambers before being seen and arrested.

News outlets report 46-year-old Michael Dupont was charged last week with trespassing, possession of a weapon, disorderly conduct and drug possession with intent to manufacture or sell.

Stewart County Chief Deputy Dale Ward says Dupont walked into the county courthouse through a side door that led to the basement where the offices are located.

Ward says Dupont was carrying a brush hook ax, which is a gardening tool.

Sheriff Frankie Gray says Dupont was also carrying different kinds of drugs and appeared to be on "something."

Gray says authorities found Dupont sitting behind a judge's desk.

It's unclear whether Dupont has an attorney.

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