Super Blood Wolf Moon

IF you can handle the EXTREME COLD on Sunday night...check out the Super Blood Wolf Moon.

So what's happening? North and South America and the entire United States will get to see a Total Lunar Eclipse this weekend. This is where the Earth's shadow is projected onto the Full Moon, and thus, gives it a blood-ish red color.

The reason it is considered a Super Moon is because the moon will be closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit.

And because the Full Moon in January, according to the Farmers' Almanac, is referred to as the Wolf Moon, the word "Wolf" is added, too.

Here are the times to watch the Total Lunar Eclipse:
12:41 AM Monday...Total Begins

1:12 AM Monday....Total Max

1:43 AM Monday....Total Ends

By the way, temperatures will be dropping to near 11 degrees by Monday morning in Knoxville with single-digit wind chills.

Learn more about the Super Blood Wolf Moon here.