Superintendent of Knox Co. Schools sees contract extended

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Knox County School Board of Education voted to extend the contract of Superintendent Bob Thomas.

On Wednesday, the board voted in a substitute motion, 7-2, to extend Thomas' contract for a year. The board voted for his salary and benefits to stay the same. In the future, he has a potential to gain another year. The reason he got one, instead of two, some board members said, was due to the school system's history with buying out contracts.

Thomas was selected by the Knox County BOE on March 20 of 2017. Then he said, "I am deeply humbled and grateful for the confidence the Board has placed in me."

He was previously the Assistant Superintendent for Knox County Schools.

The Board also voted 9-0 to approve budget appropriation that would restore teaching positions at Green and Sarah Moore Green schools.

Board policy was also on the agenda. A board member presented a motion to limit to one hour each and public speakers to three minutes, which did not pass. Speakers typically get five minutes, and meetings themselves don't have a cap.

They passed a substitute motion instead that said when a public speaker comes forward, they are to address the board as a whole. Under the chair, or the vice chair, may now dismiss someone who uses abusive or degrading in the public forum.