Survey: One in five women own a gun

Published: Jul. 30, 2019 at 11:34 AM EDT
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Whether it is for protection or just for fun, more women are learning to shoot and also buy their own guns.

A recent survey shows one in every five women own a gun.

Spending time at the shooting range, it's not just for guys. Women are picking up guns for safety — but that's not the only reason.

"It's just a social fun thing we can go out to dinner afterwards," said Nancy Wilson, Triangle Shooting Academy. "We're staying connected on facebook as well. The drive is more you want to be together and learn together."

In 2016, Wilson didn't know much about guns — and really didn't want to.

"One of the management came up to me and said do you shoot and i went not really and so they said you should come back we have Tuesday night is Ladies night here at TSA," Wilson said.

Wilson came back with a couple of friends.

"We wanted to challenge ourselves. We are all smart women and we want to make our own decisions," she said.

And they are. Some women are just starting out, renting firearms until they find the right fit. Others are using the skills they are learning on Tuesday nights and entering competitions.

Joe Metcalf is the range and education director at Triangle Shooting Academy. He says the biggest difference between the men and women that come to the range is that the women take their new friendships out of the range.

"The women I think bring a function here that men can't. But it's sort of a relaxed, enjoying and welcoming atmosphere," Metcalf said