Beats build baby brains in Knoxville

Published: Feb. 11, 2019 at 6:09 PM EST
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How young is too young to learn music and experience the world? There is no minimum age, according to Suzuki instructor Erin Archer.

She is leading a new Suzuki Early Childhood Education program. She hosts it for not only babies and toddlers, but expectant mothers.

Archer said, "Through listening and repetition and observing babies and toddlers are able to really grasp music and learn how to play music at an early age."

Mother of 2-year-old twins Hillary Herndon is a musician herself, so she has aspirations that her boys will be interested in music. However, at this time, she said she is also hoping the boys learn some basic life skills. "Right now learning more focus, learning more patience, and being able to follow little simple directions...problem solving."

The class consists of structured times for the children to take turns playing simple instruments, as well as times for everyone to sing and dance together in a circle. It ends with journaling time for mothers and board book time for children.

Eight-month-old Katherine Deakins' mom, Layla, said she is showing a lot of enthusiasm about the songs she hears in class each week.

"They gave us a CD with the class. Every time we turn it on at home, she starts dancing and bouncing. She has her favorite songs that she dances harder to."

Archer said that by age 4, a child could be ready to learn to master an instrument. For class information, you can email or call 865-693-3021.