TN middle school athletic booster club treasurer steals thousands

A Tennessee middle school booster club treasurer has been charged with stealing thousands from the booster club.

From November 2016- March 2017, Heather Franklin (who changed her name to Heather Harris after marriage) stole $4,087 from the South Middle School Trojan Athletic Booster Club in Franklin County.

Franklin stole the money by keeping at least $4,087 in cash that was collected from concession sales at basketball games. She also wrote a booster club check for $840 that was used to pay loans for her personal

Franklin covered up her misappropriation by making false entries in the booster club’s records. She later admitted to investigators that she took the booster club’s money to pay personal expenses.

“Tennessee booster clubs are required by law to establish procedures to ensure that money is safeguarded,” said Tennessee Comptroller Justin P. Wilson. “In this case, booster club officials failed to separate financial
responsibilities, review bank statements, and ensure that two signatures were required and included on all checks.”