TNReady testing resumes after reported issues

(WVLT) -- Tennessee Department of Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said TNReady testing has resumed after some school districts reported issues logging into the testing platform.

"We appreciate your collaboration with us this morning and share your frustration that some students in some districts are having challenges logging into Nextera," Commissioner McQueen wrote in an email to school superintendents. "We understand that over 20,000 students who logged in and took TNReady this morning did successfully complete their exams, and the platform has worked as expected in allowing students to finish even with some log-in issues."

A representative with the department told WVLT the issue has been resolved, and more than 25,000 students successfully completed TNReady exams as of noon on Monday. Thousands of students across the state are now reportedly logging into the testing platform, Nextera, to complete testing.

Officials said they are not certain what caused the issue, but claim it was not due to the volume of students testing or a server crash.