Teen charged after threatening to shoot up William Blount High School

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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — A Maryville teenager was arrested after he reportedly threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot "all the students and staff he didn't like."

The teen was charged with harassment and making verbal threats after witnesses say he bragged that he had a 9 mm he planned to bring to William Blount High School to prove that he was a drug dealer.

Witnesses also told police that the teen said he was intoxicated at school and he had plans to "blow up his kitchen."

A report says all students interviewed told police they felt unsafe after the teen's comments and they were concerned that he would follow through with his threats.

Deputies reportedly searched the teen and his home but did not find a gun.

When a deputy made contact with the teen's father, he said the teen had no access to any weapons, but that he believes his son to be suffering from mental health issues.

The teen was suspended for one day over the issue.

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