Tenn. McDonald's employee says customer attacked with stun gun

Mike Mozart / CC BY 2.0 / MGN
Mike Mozart / CC BY 2.0 / MGN(KALB)
Published: Jul. 1, 2019 at 9:18 PM EDT
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An employee at a Tennessee McDonald's said an angry customer attacked him and tried to pull him through the drive-thru window on June 30.

reported that 19-year-old Jacob Jordan was left with physical and emotional scars after he said a woman used a stun gun on him and tried to pull him through the drive-thru window.

"She grabs me by my hair, pulls me out of the window," Jacob Jordan said. "That's when she has the taser, trying to go for my throat, punching me in my face, punching me in my eyes. Just beating me."

Jordan, an overnight manager, said two customers were upset about the time it was taking to fill their order. He told WREG that the two wouldn't stop blowing the car horn.

"I said, 'Hey, I'm the manager, and you're disrespecting me and the customers behind you by laying on the horn. We can refuse to serve you because you're being disruptive,'" Jordan said.

Jordan said that's when a woman, identified as Marquenta Glidwell, got out of the car and came up to the drive-thru window. He said she hit him with her credit card and used a stun gun, leaving a mark on his neck.

"At first we thought it was just scratch marks from her fingers until you look at the video, and you can clearly see her trying to jam the taser into my throat," Jordan said.

Jordan said Glidwell also threatened to kill him.

"Saying that because I voted for Trump I deserved this," Jordan said. "I wasn't even old enough to vote when he ran."

WREG reported that Jordan, who said he is gay, was shocked to hear the woman call him names.

"Honestly, I believe she was just trying to hurt me emotionally and physically," he said. "It was really hurtful."

WREG reported Glidwell was arrested a short time later and charged with aggravated assault. Jordan's mother, identified as Jessica Garland, said the incident was a hate crime.

Glidwell is in jail on a $10,000 bond. Her next court appearance is July 30, WREG reported.

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