Tenn. bill would create TBI registry for repeat DUI offenders

The FBI says its Internet Crime Complaint Center reports victims of internet scams in Tennessee lost more than $28 million last year./ Source: MGN

(WVLT/WJHL) -- A new bill proposed in the Tennessee legislature would create a registry of DUI offenders.

Senate bill 1726 calls for pictures and other identifying data of repeat DUI offenders to be posted publicly on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's website. The list would not include social security numbers, driver license numbers or state or federal ID numbers.

WJHL reported that the bill passed in the state senate on the first consideration and will go to a House subcommittee.

Representative Glen Casada, a sponsor, reportedly told WJHL that Department of Safety officials he communicated with were in favor of the registry.

The TBI currently has a registry for sex offenders.

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