Tenn. baby neglected to 'brink of death' released from hospital

Published: Jan. 29, 2019 at 5:35 PM EST
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Three-month-old Addilyn has been released from the hospital after being neglected and abused to the "brink of death,"


Addilyn was released nearly two months after she suffered a beating in Lawrence County.

The "AddilynStrong" Facebook page said the "sweet angel is home safe and doing good." However, she still has a road of recovery ahead.

Her family is allowing people to send cards to her. According to WTVF, the family said she has been getting mail, and they're welcoming anyone to send more.

You can send them here:


P.O. Box 1408

Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174

Both her parents are charged in the case. The father, 30-year-old Michael Fisher, is charged with attempted first-degree murder. The mother, 27-year-old Brooklyn Tidwell, is charged with aggravated child neglect.

The Tennessee couple is accused of abusing the baby to the "brink of death."

According to WTVF, Tidwell has a history with the Department of Children's Services. The station reported that she had two of her other children removed from her home before Addilyn was born. You can read more about why she may not have been removed from the home as well,


Police said they were called to investigate Addilyn's case after the couple sought medical attention at Southern TN Regional Medical Center.

The affidavit claims Fisher abused the child to the "brink of death" and that the child sustained broken bones and suffers from internal organ and brain damage. Family members told WTVF that Addilyn sustained chest fractures and there are concerns about seizures; she may have swelling on the brain. She was placed in a drug-induced coma in hopes of reducing the swelling.

Tidwell was charged with neglect because she allegedly did not seek medical attention for the child.

The District Attorney says the prosecution will move forward against both parents.

Fisher's bond was set at $500,000, while Tidwell's was set for $50,000. As of March 15, her they still remain in jail, WTVF reported.