Tenn judge holds woman’s baby while she’s sworn in

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NASHVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- A Tennessee Judge took the time to a woman's baby as she was sworn in and the touching moment is getting a lot of attention on social media.

Judge Dinkins of the Tennessee Court of Appeals swore in a woman with her baby on his hip. / (Sarah Martin via Twitter)

Sarah Martin shared the video with WVLT. Judge Richard Dinkins of the Tennessee Court of Appeals can be seen bouncing the one-year-old on his hip as he swore in the mother, Juliana Lamar.

Lamar can be seen with a big smile as her son looks around the courtroom.

Lamar became a mother while in law school, and the support of others, like Judge Dinkins, helped along the way. Lamar said she couldn't have gotten this far without the support of her husband Javon and the love of her son and mother.

Judge Dinkins was honored with the Nelson C. Andrews Distinguished Service Award at the Nashville Public Education Foundation's 15th annual Public Schools Hall of Fame event in October.

Dinkins was recognized for his dedication and service to the Nashville community, and his fierce advocacy for civil rights in public education.

Dinkins also recently took to The Tennessean to advocate for public school teachers. Dinkins argued that an essential step to creating equity in Nashville's public school system is to listen, support and respect teachers.

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