Tenn. woman attacked grandmother with broom, police say

Pamela Jones / Source: WREG

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WVLT/WREG) -- Investigators in Memphis arrested and charged a woman after they said she attacked her grandmother with a broom.

Police said a hired healthcare worker stopped by the home of the victim and found the 78-year-old woman sitting in the dark, crying and bleeding, WREG reported.

The woman later told police that she had gone to the room of her granddaughter, Pamela Jones, for some help. Jones reportedly got angry, an argument began during which Jones is accused of grabbing a broom and hitting her grandmother in the head.

Police said the broom broke in half and was found with blood on it in Jones' room.

Jones was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and willful abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult.

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