Tenn. women charged after 5-year-old boy was whipped, hospitalized for a bad grade

Raven Porter and Jaquan Stokes, courtesy of WREG

Police in Memphis have charged a woman and her fiance for whipping her son after he received a bad grade in school, according to CBS affiliate WREG.

Jaquan Stokes, the boy's mother, and her fiance, Raven Porter, were both charged with aggravated child abuse following an investigation.

According to police, Stokes' five-year-old son was transported to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital on Tuesday where doctors discovered he had a swollen left arm, a swollen forehead, bruising to his eyes and abrasions to his left arm and jaw. The boy also had extensive bruising, including welts and loop marks on his chest, back, backside, legs and thighs.

WREG reported that the doctors also said the boy had elevated levels of creatine kinase, which can be caused by strenuous exercise.

Police were told the child's injuries were both old and new.

When questioned by investigators, the Stokes admitted that she and Porter would undress the boy and then whip him nude several times each week using either a "switch," an extension cord, paddle or belt. She also said they would make him do extensive exercises as punishment.

On November 5, she said her son came home with an "S" on his school conduct grade instead of an "E". To punish him, she undressed him down to his underwear and whipped him with a wooden paddle.

Police have not said how the child ended up at the hospital and gave no indication as to his condition.