Tennesseans help bring water to Africa

Published: Jan. 23, 2017 at 9:24 PM EST
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John Adams of Friendsville, TN, along with Tennessee based Modern Design Aquascaping and 20 other volunteers, are helping students in Uganda drink clean water.

In early January, the team installed a 20,000 gallon rain water harvesting system at a primary school in Uganda. The system runs on gravity and solar power. It catches and collects rain and stores it underground. The filtration system can safely provide clean water all 500 students at the school.

Before receiving a new water filtration system, the school was sending as many as ten students a week to receive medical treatment for water borne illnesses like Typhoid.

"The need for safe-clean water is huge over there. I have seen children drinking water from hoof prints and drainage ditches and it saddens me to think that is all they have. I am blessed to have the skills to help on such a fundamental level and it always reminds me how great we have it here in the U.S.A.!", Adams said.

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