Tennessee Traveler: Success board game gives life lessons along the way

Published: Mar. 27, 2018 at 2:23 PM EDT
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Some say success in life can be like a roll of the dice. Local 8 News Anchor Alan Williams found that the saying rings true when it comes to a new board game.

The game that's made in Tennessee shares similarities with Monopoly, but also serves as a teaching tool about life in general.

Jason Evans created the "Success" board game. He said the idea came to him when playing Monopoly one night.

"One of my friends was cheating in the game, he was making up his own rules," Evans recalled. So Jason and his family created their own game.

The game's development took about one year from the concept to graphic design to printing. Evans said the game simulates every day life and has life lessons along the way.

"With a lot of the playing cards, it teaches personal finance and prompts really good discussions," Evans said. "You can speak about marriage, you can speak about traveling the world, you can speak about different types of investments."

To some, success is all about acquiring status in life, but not on this board. It's measured in well being, wisdom, giving and a little luck. The game is sold at Smart Toys and Books or can be ordered online.