Cute alert! Power Wheels Derby for kids at Tenn. Valley Fair

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Tennessee Valley Fair hosted its first Power Wheel Derby for kids this year.

Kids ages four through eight started off the third night of racing at the track on Wednesday night.

WVLT Photojournalist Pat Middendorf captured the incredibly cute action. Most of the kids who ran in the derby are sons and daughters of the adults who compete in the other derby events.

"They bring their pink Barbie Jeep, or their camouflage Jeep, whatever they've got, power them up and we take them out on the track with a parent," said Tennessee Slammers Bangers Demolition Derby CEO Mary Lynne Power.

"They just beat and bang on each other," she said.

Each participant received a wearable medal and went home with muddy shoes and a big smile.