Tennessee financial expert suggest now is good time to invest

Published: Apr. 5, 2020 at 11:07 PM EDT
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A Tennessee financial expert suggested that now is good time to invest

A Tennessee financial expert says while people are at home, looking for ways to make money, now is a good time to learn about the stock exchange.

Salvatore Leto, chief network officer for Auvoria Prime, helps people learn how to work from home using a specially designed software.

He said due to daily changes surrounding the coronavirus, it's cheaper to invest and that there is always ways for you to earn a buck. He even suggested that people can still make money when the market doesn't look like it's doing well.

"When you place a trade, you can place a trade predicting that the price is going to go up on a stock, on a currency period," said Leto. "You can also predict that the price is going to go down. There are a lot of people, like in my industry, who have made more money in the last two to three weeks than they've ever made in their life, because they knew there was going to be a market crash, and so they predict the market would go down. That's exactly what happened and they were on the winning side of that bet."

Leto said the most important takeaway is to remember to do research before spending money. Companies like his, offer a simulator or a 'fake exchange account' to teach you how to invest.

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