Child sex dolls, REAL ID, school vouchers: Tennessee laws going into effect

What laws are going into effect this July in Tennessee? / Source: Canva

(WVLT) -- Multiple laws will take effect on July 1 in Tennessee, CBS affiliate WTVF reported.

Here's a look at the new laws you need to know about:

School vouchers
This new law allows participating families to receive debit cards worth up to $7,300 in state education money each year.

Online sports gambling
A gaming commission will be created and made up of nine members, and bets will only be accepted from a bettor who is actually in Tennessee.

Block grants
This allows the state to ask the federal government for a lump sum to create a new health care system.

Local Education Agencies
This authorizes local education agencies to provide free feminine hygiene products in eligible public high schools.

Landlord and Tenant
It establishes a process for landlords to verify need of tenants and prospective tenants to have pet policies waived to accommodate the need for a service or support animal; creates penalties for misrepresentation.

Traffic Safety
This establishes requirements for the operation of electric foot scooters; specifies that for purposes of the DUI laws, an electric scooter will be considered a motor-driven vehicle.

Criminal Offenses
As enacted, it creates offenses related to the possession, sale, distribution and transport of child-like sex dolls.

Driving with cell phones
This bill bans using handheld devices while driving in Tennessee.

Bathroom bill
It redefines "public place" for the purposes of the offense of indecent exposure to include a restroom, locker room, dressing room or shower designated for multi-person, single-sex use.

Alzheimer's Advisory Council
It creates a council to study the impacts of the disease on Tennessee and its residents.

Voter registration
This penalizes paid voter registration groups with fines for too many incomplete sign-up forms and criminal penalties for submitting registration forms too late.

Beginning October 1, 2020, everyone must have a REAL ID license for accessing Federal buildings, entering nuclear facilities and boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft.

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