'I'm lucky to be alive:' Tenn. man warns kids not to participate in #FireChallenge

HARRIMAN, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Tennessee man warned others against participating in a popular internet trend by recounting his experience with it.

Trevor Miller spent three weeks in the burn unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center after participating in the #FireChallenge. Now he's warning others not to do it. / Source: (Trevor Miller)

An online dare, known as the #FireChallenge, encourages people to light themselves on fire. Recently, the Tennessee State Fire Marshal released a warning on the issue.

Trevor Miller, now a young adult, said he participated in a similar challenge when he was a teenager that ended in disaster.

Miller said he covered his body in acetone and light himself on fire while standing in the shower; however, he said the water wouldn't turn on, and he couldn't get the flames out.

"I thought it was going to be in, out just like I've seen on the YouTube videos," Miller said, "but things definitely go wrong when you're doing it."

Miller, who was in Harriman at the time, was transported to Vanderbilt for treatment and skin grafts.

Eventually, he healed, but Miller said he wants others to learn from his mistake.

"I definitely wouldn't recommend it. I'm lucky to be alive," he said.

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