Texas attorneys arrested, charged with solicitation of capital murder

Attorneys Seth Andrew Sutton, 45, and Chelsea Tijerina, 33, of Waco Texas were jailed Friday and charged with solicitation of capital murder. / Source: (KWTX)

WACO, Texas (WVLT/KWTX)-- Two Texas attorneys were arrested Friday and jailed, each charged with solicitation of capital murder.

Attorneys Seth Andrew Sutton, 45, and Chelsea Tijerina, 33, were jailed Friday after they were arrested on warrants issued by 54th District Court Judge Matt Johnson, who also set $1 million bonds on each, court records show.

Both Sutton and Tijerina remain in custody as of Saturday.

According to authorities, the evidence shows, that Sutton paid an undercover Waco police officer to purchase a "clean" gun that could be used to kill Tijerina's former husband, Marcus Beaudin, who also is a fellow Waco defense attorney.

Police said in arrest affidavits that on May 14 Sutton solicited an undercover officer to kill Beaudin and the two made plans about how to carry out the plot.

The affidavit says Sutton and Tijerina planned to kill Beaudin, 37, who had been arrested by Woodway police in February on a felony charge of indecency with a child.

Beaudin was accused of sexually touching a 10-year-old family member in December but he has not been indicted and according to his attorney Josh Tetens, Beaudin denies the claims.

The affidavit says the undercover officer agreed to accept $300 for the purchase of a gun and Sutton told the officer he would help him leave town after committing the murder.

The affidavit states that after the first meeting between the officer and Sutton, on May 20 police decided to solicit the help of Texas Rangers, and the next day Sutton and Tijerina met with an undercover Waco officer to plan the hit.

The alleged plot was set to be carried out at Beaudin's home, states the affidavit.

Sutton was arrested Friday evening near Bosque Boulevard and New Road and Tijerina were arrested at her Waco home Friday night by Waco police.

Sutton was a one-time Democratic candidate for McLennan County District Attorney but dropped out after the primary leaving Reyna unopposed.

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