The Wizard winning off the court with Faith, Family and Friends

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Tennessee basketball legend Tony White has taken a big step in his fight against leukemia. The former Vol scoring machine scored big in his battle with Cancer when he found out that his older brother was a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant.

That transplant took place earlier this week in Nashville and it's so far so good White, who is in good spirits and and feeling well as his recovery process begins.

Helping that process out on Thursday was coach Rick Barnes and his Tennessee basketball team who paid the Vol legend a visit in the hospital. They shared stories, had a few laughs and prayed together before the team departed for an afternoon practice at Lipscomb University.

We had a chance to visit with Tony as well and he was so appreciated of the Vols stopping by just as he is thankful for his Faith, family and friends helping him through this life changing ordeal, "When all this happened it was overwhelming and I just gave it to the man above and just prayed and our church members and my wife and everyone has been supporting me especially everyone from UT so its an overwhelming experience!"

White will remain in the hospital for the next month and then in Nashville for a time after as doctors continue to keep a close watch on him during his recovery process. Our continued thoughts and prayers remain with our friend, Tony White!"