Have you seen this dog? Army family forced to relocate without missing therapy dog

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RUTLEDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- An army family is desperately searching for their therapy dog after he ran into the woods during a family get-together in Rutledge on July 5.

Have you seen Grizzly? An army family says they need him home. / Source: (Carolyn Belcher)

According to a Facebook post by Carolyn Belcher, a disabled army vet, Grizzy the chihuahua mix ran off and they were unable to find him, but Belcher says Grizzy is more than just a pet.

"See, most would just see this as another lost dog post, but he is my daughter's therapy dog by every aspect of its definition. He has been with her through more than I can list and he is our furbaby," said Belcher.

Unfortunately, the search had to be suspended after Carolyn's son-in-law, who is active duty military, had to return to North Carolina for duty.

Giz usually assists Carolyln's Daughter Destinee Raye.

"Its not easy being a military wife," Raye said. "Anytime I'm upset he would hangout with me on the bed and cuddle me. He helped me while my husband was at basic last summer."

The family is asking anyone who sees Grizzly to reach out. Here's how Carolyn described him:

"He is often called "Giz" or "Gizzy", loves car rides, friendly, but is skiddish if "chased". Loves the sound of cheese wrappers bc they sound like the wrapper of the treats we used to give him when we were housebreaking him.

Grizzly is microchipped with Home Again, and is up to date on shots, very lovable, and probably terrified. He is maybe 5lbs on a "fat day." He had a blue bandana with a bow on it when he was last seen as well as a white flea collar. He is neutered so has the blue tattoo on his belly from that.

I am hoping perhaps someone, a few people,would be such a blessing and print this picture and place it in/ around Rutledge for us it would be greatly appreciated. If you cannot print it--please PLEASE share. I have included a map where he was last seen as well as additional pics/ fliers in the comments."

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