They found the dog with a hairband over its muzzle, cutting straight to the bone, deputies say

Published: Nov. 24, 2018 at 1:42 PM EST
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Two poodles were found in poor condition at a home in Richland County, one requiring surgery. Now, a couple is in custody.

Allen Kinlaw, 49, and Dana Kinlaw, 49, were both charged with with felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor neglect.

A 7-month-old Poodle was found with a black hairband twisted around its muzzle twice. The band, which had been there for several days, cut through the dog's skin to the bone causing an infected wound. It had to be surgically removed.

Deputies also came across a 14-year-old Poodle at the same location. They describe the dog as being very thin with a large tumor on its side. The dog also couldn't see because its hair was so matted and overgrown around the eyes. Feces were also matted to the dog's hind end.

Both dogs are now with a rescue.

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