Thieves captured after stealing shark in baby stroller

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WVLT) - Thieves stole a shark from an interactive touch pool and used a stroller to sneak it out of a Texas aquarium on July 28, the San Antonio Aquarium said in a Facebook post.

Thankfully, the shark is back, and the thieves are in custody.

It shared surveillance video of the crime unfolding.

According to the aquarium's page, three people staked out the tide pool exhibit for at least an hour before using a net to capture the horn shark. Then they stole a bucket from a filtration room and used that to smuggle the shark out of the aquarium.

Officials said the aquarium worked closely with Leon Valley and San Antonio Police Departments to recover the shark and arrest the suspects.

On July 29th, the aquarium again posted on its Facebook page, notifying fans and visitors that officials were headed to retrieve the shark.