Thirst project enlists teens to help build wells for those in need

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SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WVLT) - Ninth grade students at Seymour Junior High took turns carrying a 40-pound jug of water on their heads, after learning this is a common practice for people carrying water in Africa.

"I don't understand how people do it," said one girl.

"It was heavy," said another teen.

The students are learning about the scarcity of clean water in some parts of the world, such as places in Africa. Those bringing this message are college students with the nonprofit Thirst Project.

"Just talking about it and raising awareness is so key to solving this issue," said Thirst Project spokesperson Anne Pfaff. "And 50 cents gives one person clean water for a year."

Several students who heard about the Thirst Project decided they want to donate to help build wells for people in other countries. They also decided on their own to be more mindful of their own water use.

"When I'm brushing my teeth in the morning or drinking a glass of water, there's always places I could not use as much," said one student.

Thirst Project spokesperson Hellen Elizondo explained, "We don't necessarily tell them like use a reusable water bottle or you should take a shorter shower. It's something naturally that happens when they're talking with us and when they learn more about the water crisis."