This player did WHAT?!

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ST. CLOUD, Minnesota (WVLT) - A bizarre play unfolded on a Minnesota high school football field when Brad Reuter, a St. Cloud Cathedral senior captain, decided he was done watching from the sidelines as his team lost.

The team was down 40 to 26 when a player from the opposing team neared the end zone, according to student Michael Schaefer.

That's when Schaefer said video captured Reuter running from the sidelines and tackling the player.

Schaefer told WVLT News, "He said later it was out of frustration because the season hasn't gone too well as they are 0-7, but he sent out an apology and will be suspended for 1 game."

Reuter tweeted an apology.

The apology was shared by the Cathedral High School Football Twitter account:

Schaefer called Reuter his friend, "He is also one of the nicest kids you could meet, just got caught up in the game... everyone at school loves him."

He said the other team was awarded the touchdown.