Trolley services expand in Pigeon Forge, new rates

Published: Jan. 5, 2019 at 5:41 PM EST
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What many of you consider your secret to avoid parking charges at Dollywood, is now getting more expensive. The Pigeon Forge Trolley announced a price increase, but with it comes an expanded route to help locals get around in the winter.

Nearly 3 million people used the Pigeon Forge Trolley system last year, Including locals like Linda Adams, this is her transportation everyday..

"Going home from work now," said Adams. "I use the trolley system to go to and from work, around town shopping and stuff because I don't drive and I live here in town."

She's not alone, the city offers a season pass where for a set rate you can ride anywhere in town as much as you like.

"Last year we sold 750 or more season passes. And most of those are our resident workers and locals, so that gives you an idea of the local people that do get involved," said transit director Lynn Wilhoite.

Now pigeon forge is expanding routes with full year round service, the city hopes a small rate increase will help cover the expenses.

The largest increase is the most popular route to Dollywood which will now cost you $2.50. The city says a $3 day pass is a good option. There you can ride anywhere in town for one set price.

The transit manager says this is the start of new services to come.

"This first project that we're going to do over this winter is the start of that dream. They've been hoping to do full year round for years now we're implementing that and going to judge how that works," said Wilhoite.

For locals who need to get around this winter, it's welcome news.

"If it's raining and cold outside, I live about a mile and a half from work. I couldn't get as far around town and going to the grocery store and carrying the groceries wouldn't be nice," said Adams.

The new rate increase went into effect on January 1st.

The transit manager says they'll break ground soon on a new trolley station. Other services could be new routes, WiFi on board and even an app that'll help you keep up with where trolley's are in town.