Truck drivers concerned for eclipse traffic

Published: Jul. 31, 2017 at 11:13 PM EDT
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East Tennessee is in the path of totality for the August 21 solar eclipse, and this leaves some truck drivers worried the roads may not be safe.

Mark Nagi with TDOT said they want drivers to be extra cautious during the eclipse, and that if you want to see and take pictures, you need to come up with a plan ahead of time.

"They want to get a good picture, certainly don't do that on the roadways, too many accidents can occur that way," said Nagi.

Some truck drivers that plan to pass through East Tennessee said they may consider taking the day off. Others said they will drive anyway, but with extra caution.

"We are going 65-70 miles per hour, and you can not stop this truck in enough time if someone is on the side of the road with their door open, or if we swerve the trailer flips and that's another accident," said driver Shang Frame.

TDOT said they plan to utilize their road signs to help assist drivers passing through.

"Please make sure when you are behind the wheel you are concentrating 100 percent on what's going on in the roadways, and again, do not pull off to the side to take pictures," said Nagi.

It's not just truck drivers who are concerned with people pulling off the interstate in the shoulder to take pictures. Pilot drivers for over-sized loads said the eclipse is a big concern for them.

"It creates a big issue for us. If we are unable to get the left lane in time we will stop on the interstate, it's either that or hit the car," said driver Melinda Tipton.

If you want more information on the eclipse and how it will affect your area click