Trump to sign order targeting anti-Semitism at colleges

(Shealah Craighead / The White House, License Link)

WASHINGTON (AP/WVLT) -- President Donald Trump is set to sign an executive order Wednesday targeting anti-Semitism on college campuses.

Officials say the order will broaden the federal government’s definition of anti-Semitism and instruct it to be used in enforcing laws against discrimination on college campuses.

Trump has been accused of trafficking in anti-Semitic tropes, including comments about Jews and money. But he has also closely aligned himself with Israel, including moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and taking a hard line against Iran.

The University of Tennessee has been the recipient of some anti-Semitic attacks recently.

In November 2018, witnesses reported that multiple people were seen spray painting anti-Semitic symbols after a football game on The Rock, a longtime UTK symbols.

In September 2019, the University of Tennessee suffered another incident when a person or persons spray painted The Rock with messages of hate.

Shortly after that incident, the university announced it was installing cameras in front of the Rock to stop it from being used to promote hate speech.

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