UT engineering student makes a difference

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn., (WVLT) -- One University of Tennessee engineering student enjoys creating things. "I always loved designing things," says Brandon Rowell, "taking an idea in my mind and making something out of it..."

He also likes creating smiles on people's faces.

"When you throw in something you really like to do with something that really helps make a difference in someone else's life, that's the purpose of life."

Brandon volunteered at East Tennessee Children's Hospital in high school. Now, gives back using skills UT has helped him perfect.

He built a 3-D printer and took it to an unlikely place: back to Children's Hospital. In his free time, he takes the printer room to room, letting kids make whatever they want -- from a ballerina to a dinosaur.

"It's been really wonderful because I have been able to combine a passion for engineering and making things with a passion for helping things," says Rowell. "The best experience is handing the kid their completed item. They have sat there and watched this thing being built and when you take it off the printer and hand it to them and see their face light up - that's the best part."