UT to review alcohol and smoking policies on campus

Published: Jun. 29, 2017 at 8:57 PM EDT
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On Thursday, the Officer of the Chancellor at the University of Tennessee released an announcement that new task forces would be formed to provide independent review and analysis of the current smoking and alcohol policies on campus.

The Chancellor announced Chris Cimino, senior vice chancellor for finance and administration, would be leading a task force to review the university's current smoking policy and make recommendations for updates to that policy. The task force will provide updates to the process and request community feedback for any proposed changes.

Vince Carilli, vice chancellor for student life, will be the head of another task force that will review and analyze the university's current alcohol policy.

The Student Government Association asked the administration to conduct a policy review in these areas over the last several years.

"This process will give us all an opportunity to collect broad-based input and to have informed conversations about this complicated and multifaceted matter," Thursday's announcement said. "The task force will prepare a report to summarize its work, make recommendations for policy changes, if any, and provide relevant information regarding the potential impacts of any recommended policy changes."