VFL Albert Haynesworth says "I feel the prayers" in exclusive interview

Haynesworth / Source: Albert Haynesworth Instagram @haynesworthiii
Haynesworth / Source: Albert Haynesworth Instagram @haynesworthiii(WVLT)
Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 2:08 PM EDT
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After thousands of people stepped up to donate a kidney to Vol For Life Albert Haynesworth, WVLT News wanted to check in with him to see how he's doing. He told us that he can really feel all the prayers that have been pouring in.


Alan Williams: Albert, good to talk to you. First of all, tell me just a little bit about how you're doing right now.

Albert Haynesworth: Well, I'm doing fine. A lot better than the last few weeks so, I really can't complain. Like right now just I'm doing dialysis a couples times a week. The other day I was gonna have surgery so I can do dialysis at home., but there was an incident at the hospital that made it be canceled.

AW: How do you feel about this outpouring of people? I mean you've got over a thousand people that have been willing to step up for you.

AH: That's totally unbelievable, I mean it's just like blessings on blessings you know?

To be honest, just overwhelming unbelievable just amazing. I just can't feel any better, you know.

I've been posting about the journey and you like let people know cause there's a lot of people who are going through this, you know, like kidney disease and stuff and so I guess I just wanted to kind of bring light to it.

And then just letting everybody know what's happening, and then also with all the people that wanted to donate for me -- if they still want to donate, I only need one, but there are 100,000 people on the transplant list today. And so if they got a kidney, that could literally knock out one percent which that doesn't seem like a lot, but that's an amazing step.

So that's what I'm kinda wishing for. For everybody to be giving like they are towards me and save stranger's life as well.

AW: A lot of people have stepped up, I know you're just overwhelmed by that. A lot of people praying for you.

AH: Yeah and I appreciate it. I feel the prayers, it's amazing. It's like they're new family, you know?

For somebody that wants to give a kidney. It's unbelievable.

AW: Well Albert, we're thinking of you and good luck in the future.

Anyone who is interested in donating a kidney to help knock out some of the transplant list like Albert mentioned can visit UT Medical's

to learn how.

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