Flying high: VFL Josh Dobbs takes off with Thunderbirds

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Former UT quarterback and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Josh Dobbs spends his time off the field exploring aviation. The Thunderbirds with United States Air Force invited Dobbs to fly.

"It's a blast," said Josh Dobbs, who is a VFL and Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback. "It gives you a change of pace. "Football is go, go, go. In the off season, it's good to get a refresher where you're able to stretch your mind in a different capacity."

The UT grad is using his aerospace engineering degree. He took a big experience with the United States Air force.

"I flew with the Thunderbirds," said Dobbs. "The Thunderbirds fly F16s, so I was able to go up and fly with them. It was an unreal experience."

It's been a dream since he was a little boy.

"Growing up I was really interested in aviation," said Dobbs. "I was really good at math and science. I saw "Topgun" and always wanted to be a fighter pilot so to say you strapped it in and gotten to fly F16 is a pretty cool experience. I'm always open to various unique opportunities on the radar to expand my horizons and stretch my mind in different ways."

He plans to keep playing football as long as he can.

"I want to eventually get my pilot's license for fun," said Dobbs.

In the meantime, he's living out his dreams on the field and in the air.

"Just seeing how the field is changing, how it's growing, really there is no limitations with you what you can do in that field and you're really defining the future of mankind," said Dobbs. "I think that's what makes it exciting."

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