Video: Bear, four cubs cross the road in Cades Cove

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- This is a good reminder to be careful while driving in Gatlinburg! Faye Sykes captured a mother bear and her four cubs on the road in Cades Cove on Monday, April 8.

Fay Sykes Photography

Sykes said she used a telephoto lens to capture the footage and that the mother bear was just trying to get the cubs to cross the road.

"Thank goodness there was not any traffic," Sykes said on her Facebook page, "The babies were so small."

Rangers in the Great Smoky Mountains say they're not surprised we're finding more bears out this time of the year.

Males, moms and their cubs are out looking for food and moving around a lot to look for that food. The park says half a football field is a safe distance for you to stay away. "To allow them to feel safe and allow them to continue foraging for those spring foods that are so scarce. It also keeps you safe," said Dana Soehn, with the park.