VIDEO: Fugitive sends Floyd County police on 20-mile chase

Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 7:04 PM EDT
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Suspicious activity near the Floyd County jail started a 20-mile motorcycle chase.

"That area of the jail is a particular place that we notice because that's where a lot of people try to put things into the jail wall," said Sheriff John Hunt. "He knows somebody on the inside who he communicated with and they told him a place on the jail on the outside that he could inject to the wall."

Sheriff Hunt told WYMT officers tried to talk with Kenneth Spurlock before he jumped on his motorcycle and left.

"Right before the deputies actually took off after him, jail officials came out and notified deputies and said, "hey that guy just made a drop into our jail," Hunt pointed out.

This area of the jail has multiple patches on the brick covering up holes caused by inmates smuggling in drugs. It is also heavily surveilled by cameras and the jailer.

"If you're thinking about bringing something into the jail, you might get by with it. You might get by with it once, twice, but eventually, you're going to get caught," explained Hunt.

Hunt said oftentimes someone outside of the jail will use a tube or straws to stick through the jail wall so the person on the outside of the wall knows what to look for.

"During the chase of this motorcycle, he threw away his tube. It was a long tube and we went back and recovered it after the chase," said Sheriff Hunt.

Previously, Spurlock is a wanted man from Perry County after escaping the Kentucky River Regional Jail in August.

"It's dangerous for everyone, it really is. We take it into consideration. We're not just chasing the speeder, we knew who this guy was," recalled Hunt.

The chase continued through Prestonsburg. Spurlock and a female passenger made it to Route 80.

"Different agencies came together and blocked an entire road before he could get back out onto a four-lane on Rt. 80," explained Hunt. "When he saw the wall of police, he kind of just laid his motorcycle down and fled into the woods."

Thanks to the help from K9 unit Drago, Spurlock is behind bars once again.

"It all worked out. A lot of luck our way and a lot of bad luck his way," said Hunt.

One woman saw the chase while stopped at a red light in downtown Prestonsburg.

"Well, I heard them first. Then I saw the lights and I just panicked. I didn't know what to do," recalled Laura Isaac.

Isaac said she heard multiple police sirens.

"I looked and there come the motorcycle and all the cops and I just pulled out my phone I was like, I've never been in this situation before I don't know what to do," explained Isaac.

Isaac said for a moment she was scared for her life.

"Thank God for the law enforcement because you can see in my video kind of, an officer, he just like flies and he puts himself in between me and the guy on the motorcycle. You can see me kind of flinch. I thought I was hit for sure," said Isaac.

She said she knew she needed proof after witnessing a chase like this.

"I was like no one is going to believe a word I say. I have to get this on video. No one is going to believe this at all. This is crazy," Isaac said as she laughed.

Kenneth Spurlock was taken to the Floyd County Detention Center on multiple charges including more than 15 wanton endangerment charges, speeding 25 miles more than the speed limit and tampering with physical evidence.

The woman with Spurlock has not been charged at this time. Her identity has also not been released.

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