Illegal Drive: dog rides trailer on I-640

Source: Brandi Rogers
Source: Brandi Rogers(WVLT)
Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 9:34 PM EST
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A woman said she was shocked by what she saw on the interstate in Knoxville on November 15.

Brandi Rogers captured video of what appeared to be an untethered dog riding on an open trailer hauled by a truck on Interstate 640.

Rogers said, "I know people think, 'Oh, that's normal,' but not on the freaking interstate. That could have potentially caused a huge problem with wrecks and possibly killed someone and/or the dog."

The Knoxville Police Department said, "That is definitely frowned upon and actually illegal."

KPD said, according to paragraph B of Sec. 5-15, "No person shall transport any animal in an open truck without adequate psychical restraint which will prevent the animal from hanging itself."

"I don't think that," the KPD spokesperson said of the video, "could be defined as adequate physical restraint."

As for punishment, KPD said something like this would most likely warrant a citation, but not an arrest.

"A lot of people brush it off, they say 'so many people do this'. But the reality is -- this could cause so many larger issues just because of the nature of driving. It's such an unpredictable thing," Scott Erland, KPD's public information officer, said.

He said not only could it be deadly for the dog, but also other drivers in the area. He said obstacles in the road like potholes could cause the truck to suddenly swerve when the dog isn't prepared.

If you see something like this, KPD said you should call 911.

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