Va councilman says he's 'really tired of hearing the term people of color'

Portsmouth, Virginia City Councilman Bill Moody / Source: City of Portsmouth

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVLT/WTKR) -- A Virginia city councilman is under fire for his Wednesday night tweet.

According to CBS affiliate WTKR, Portsmouth City Councilman Bill Moody tweeted, "I am really tired of hearing the term people of color" before going on to reference Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He then references "the Squad," in connection to four congresswomen who have come under fire from President Trump.

Moody told WTKR that his tweet is not racially offensive. "If I had a problem with people of color, I certainly would not have used a Martin Luther King quote."

WTKR reported that the NCAAP called out his tweets. "We're tired of him and we're tired of the pattern of concern he's exercising in this city," said James Boyd, the president of the Portsmouth NCAAP.

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