Venezuelan designer stitches fabric, dreams into Goodwill Vintage Fashion Show contest

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Six East Tennessee designers have one challenge: creating the best look for next month's Goodwill Vintage Fashion Show.

The designers come from different backgrounds, like Angel Blanco from Venezuela.

Blanco said his life is like a pattern. The final product shows all the pieces in place, but in the beginning—before the cutting, pinning and sewing—it all seemed a little messy.

"It's not my country, it's not my language, it's hard," said Blanco. "My family is in Venezuela."

With a needle in hand and a dream in his heart, Angel left his family in South America for the United States to start a life as a designer and an artist.

"You can do many things through art, many positive things, and that is important to me," he said.

Art that he says crosses borders and speaks every language, designed to inspire.

"You don't have to speak a specific language to see that, and that is beautiful because I can communicate through that," said Blanco.

With a knack for creating women's attire, Blanco's career is on the rise, and he's not afraid of a challenge.

"I think when you have a challenge, you can transform yourself and see what you can come up with," he said.

And transform he did. As one of the contestants in the Goodwill Vintage Fashion Design Competition, he's tasked with making a catwalk-ready piece made only out of items found at Goodwill.

"I had in my mind to have something that sparkles," he said. "When we were standing in the front, I said, 'Where are the wedding dresses?' When I started to run, I found the dress that helped me."

Blanco tore into lace, broke apart beads and stole sequins from dresses and handbags.

"I want to win," he laughed.

The piece is complete, but this designer says his ultimate pattern is far from finished.

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